7 Ways To Resolve Ms. Excel Not Responding

Ms. Excel is suddenly not responding, what would you do? Most people will be confused and worried, over the results of their work in Excel will be lost. If, that happens to you, don't worry, because there is a practical way to deal with Microsoft Excel Not Responding or sudden errors easily.

This situation is not a rare problem, because almost every time your computer or laptop can experience this. Moreover, the condition you are typing or doing something suddenly can not be typed or clicked. You can imagine how upset you are, but stay calm and don't act rashly.

Generally there are several factors that cause Excel to slow down. Not based on what type of Excel you are using either Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and others. For that, let us refer to the complete description of the causes and handling methods that are good and right for your device that is slow or not responding to the series of information below.

How to deal with Excel Not Responding Easily

1. Take advantage of Excel in safe mode

Safe mode in question is one of the features that allows Excel to start working without having to experience certain startup programs. How to use it? First of all, you can start by opening Excel safe mode by pressing or holding down the Ctrl key when you start the program.

When you run Excel in this mode, you will skip functionality and settings such as alternative startup locations, Xlstart folders, modified toolbars and Excel add-ins. However, COM add-ins will be excluded.

2. Install the latest updates

On a computer or laptop if you often experience not responding try to update windows by automatically tuning for the recommended download, install and update process.

With the optimal installation every time there is an update, it will fix the problem by replacing the expired file and overcoming the vulnerability factor. If the problem still persists, try to use the next step.

3. Make sure Excel is not operating with another process

If Excel is doing other processes simultaneously, it can affect the performance of EXEL itself. This information can be seen in the status bar that is displayed in the lower window of Excel. Generally when you do a double action or other work in Excel, Excel can be difficult to respond.

So, the solution is to let the first task in Excel finish, then you try to carry out other actions using Excel. It is intended that Excel does not work too hard so that it is difficult to work optimally.

4. Possible problems with the add-in feature

Add-ins are one of the features to enhance your experience. Nevertheless sometimes the add-ins can be annoying and cause problems in Excel. For that, try to investigate the possibility of excel not responding because of this add-in. You can try starting Excel without using this add to see if your constraints are gone.
  • If you are running Windows 10 Type, start by clicking Start > all applications > Windows system> Run. In this run box, type Excel / safe. Then click the "OK" option
  •   If you are using Windows 8, then click run on the application menu, then type the same word "Excel / safe" in the run box, then select "OK"
  • As for Windows 7, click with Start, then write Excel / safe in the program and file search field, after that press "OK"
  • In this step, if the problem is resolved, please click File> Options> Add-in
  • Then select the COM Add-in, then don't forget to select enter.
  • On the following page, clear all the check marks in the list and select "OK"
  • Close and try restarting Excel.
If disabling add-ins doesn't solve your problem at all, try practicing the next method.

5. Repair Office Repair

One other way to fix Excel not responding errors is to repair Microsoft Office. Well, to be able to do this, you need to enter the "Control Panel" menu. In the menu select "Program and Freatures". Then click on Microsoft office in the list and click the change button at the top.

At this point you will automatically see an Office "Repair" option. If you already run it, then try to see if the problem is solved or not.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Excel

If the guidelines above have not yet produced results and you continue to experience not responding in Excel, try uninstalling and reinstalling from the beginning. You do not need to do it manually, because Microsoft itself actually offers a program for that with the name "Easy Fix". You can find it on the official website of Microsoft.

7. Update the Anti Virus tool

The possibility of antivirus devices can also be a cause of interference with your Microsoft Excel. It is recommended that you try to check whether the Anti-virus software you are using is the latest version or not.

To further ascertain whether excel is not responding due to an anti-virus device, then please deactivate the anti-virus and start Excel again to see if the problem is resolved. If the problem has not been resolved try to use a third software that is practical and efficient like Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair.

These are tips and tricks that you can use if you experience not responding to your software device. Not only in Microsoft Excel which experiences slow loading, slow and error. This also often happens in other software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher and other applications on your computer or laptop.

Hopefully this practical method can help you deal with Excel not responding or stop working quickly and effectively. Follow the solutions above in sequence and see the results. If the problem solving has been done but still has the same problem, please contact Microsoft Support for further handling.
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