15 Best Antivirus For Windows Laptop, Free!

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15 Best Antivirus For Windows Laptop, Free!

Viruses can not only attack living things, but your electronic devices are also vulnerable to virus attacks. Therefore expert developers try to make the best Antivirus for your Laptop, Computer, Android Mobile and Smartphone. Not infrequently also antivirus software made with lightweight specifications and free.
Free Laptop Antivirus
Because knowing the adverse effects of devices that are attacked by a virus, such as software damage to hardware. You probably want to download or download an antivirus right? Well, now there are indeed many types of antivirus applications with a variety of advantages that stand out. It could be that you feel confused, which antivirus is the most recommended?

Don't worry to get a trusted Antivirus Tool with the best quality. You can try to see the following names of antivirus software. Some of them you may have heard because of its popularity is very well known and included in the list of the best free antivirus applications. What are you waiting for, let's see.

The Best and Lightweight Free Antivirus for Laptops

1. Avast Antivirus Pro

The first recommended antivirus software for you is Avast Antivirus Pro. This software has been around since its emergence in 1988. For the use of this one application, it uses only 6.6MB of RAM space. You could say the size is very small. But the scan speed can reach 20 MB / s. Suitable if Avast is said to be the lightest and best software first.

2. Smadav Antivirus

Smadav Antivirus is the best virus protection application for PC. Created by developers from Indonesia, making it not inferior to other applications. Its use is very sweat plus its advantages in terms of cleaning the virus effectively. One of the modern and sophisticated features is being able to get rid of shortcut viruses that might be on the flash.

3. AVG

AVG Antivirus free is one application that has main functions as an antivirus, antispyware, email scanner, links, scheduling, automatic updates, and scanning options. With complete features, of course, it will support Windows 7, 8, 10, XP-SP3 and Vista. Downloading is also done free or free for its customers.

4. Bitdefender

Software that is equivalent to one of the lightest antivirus programs is Bitdefender. Besides being lightweight, you can get this software for free. His name is already well known because it is very easy in terms of setup and configuration.

The existence of a few system resources will not make your laptop or computer slow. Even more interesting again, this free edition of the Anti Virus application is fully supported for various types of windows such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

5. Panda Free

From the name alone you might already know this one antivirus. Its unique name turns out to be accompanied by a unique system as well. How come? Inside there is a system to detect and eradicate viruses and other dangerous threats. Also, there is protection against windows and USB Flashdisk protection.

Panda Antivirus that can be obtained for free is a version of the evolution of the first cloud antivirus that has been based on Collective Intelligence. This lightweight antivirus only requires at least 9.8MB for RAM usage. Whereas the scan speed is 16.4 MB / s.

6. Avira AntiVirus Premium

Just like Avast, which has long been trusted by many electronic device users as a repellent, Avira is also one of the best software for protecting your computer and laptop. RAM space usage is only 22.9MB and fast scan capabilities reach 35.7MB / s making it worth trying.

7. Norton Antivirus

Highlighting its remarkable speed characteristics is Norton Antivirus. This software can handle WannaCry ransomware cases quickly. Also, another advantage is found in its relief which only requires at least 9.9 MB plus the speed reaches 36.3 MB / s. This is what makes it the most favorite Antivirus.

8. 360 Total Security Essential

This software is one of the most widely used applications worldwide. Its users can reach millions of people. How can? With just one click, 360 Total Security Essentials can get more space, speed, and qualified security.

Because utilizing cloud technology, as well as a combination of antivirus engines, make it work very effectively. Its use can be adjusted both for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Sophisticated and modern technology successfully developed in this one antivirus application.

9. Zone Alarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

Zone alarm is an antivirus that is equipped with Firewall features that are so sophisticated. This feature will show more protection as an internet security solution. Although it's free, don't be mistaken that this one application has been integrated with antivirus and firewall which together provide maximum protection and performance.

You will also enjoy complete security and protection from blocks of spyware, viruses, trojan bots, rootkits, and worms. Very interesting is not it? A complete package in one device makes it fit in the best antivirus suite.

10. Comodo

The right step to secure data and everything you have in a PC can be done by Comodo. This software is concerned with your security needs from various threats of viruses that interfere and damage.

Besides being relatively lightweight and free, Comodo can compete with other best antivirus applications. You can choose Comodo as a practical choice because of its nature as a compatible Antivirus and can be used by various versions of Windows.

11. Sophos Home

The creator of the developer Sophos Home is indeed very expert in its field. This is evident from Sophos Home software that is sophisticated and reliable. As a must-try antivirus application, Sophos' home can be a shield to protect and clean all harmful viruses.

Because there are Advanced Computer Security features, Sophos Home can quickly clean up virus threats on your device. Its lightweight, easy to use and fast becomes a good choice for you.

12. Kaspersky Free Antivirus

The best antivirus application from Russia is Kaspersky Free Antivirus. Kaspersky is very popular among computer and laptop users. Because of its superiority in Web and Email Protection features, it can block links or malware that are harmful to your PC. Kaspersky has been included in the list of the best and most well-known antivirus that is lightweight and free of charge.

13. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Furthermore, there is ESET NOD32 Antivirus as a recommended software for you. This application is classified as a powerful and effective Antivirus to deal with various kinds of problems on your PC due to viruses. Also, other outstanding features are easy to use, fast virus scanning and maintaining controlled data security with a good device.

14. Malwarebytes

Maybe this one application sounds too foreign to your ears. However, in reality, this one application is a professional scale application to provide extra security against the dangers of viruses and malware on your PC or Laptop.

With a good performance pattern especially combined with the presence of Windows Defender. There are advantages in terms of tracking and scanning the activities of its users. So, Malwarebytes can control whether a virus threat or not. Usually, this application is run by large companies.

15. Adaware Antivirus

The last type of Antivirus on this list is Adaware Antivirus 12. Its performance has been getting a good response from users among PCs and laptops. So this makes it the most sought after and mandatory security software.

It comes with a download protection feature capable of protecting the security of files that you download. What's more, your files will be guaranteed safety. This Adaware application can be downloaded for free without any cost. Please try it.

This is a row of names Antivirus that offers the best solution for malware and virus problems. Suitable for use because it carries the main function as detecting, preventing and removing dangerous viruses. Its lightweight, effective and powerful for PCs can also be used for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Better prevent than to cure, is not it? Install your Antivirus immediately for the convenience of various threats. Antivirus applications you can get for free at Google Playstore or other Apps stores. Choose your Antivirus wisely and which you think is suitable. So much information can be given, hopefully, useful and good luck.
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